Solutions for the Water Industry


Water and wastewater treatment facilities have the critical job of producing a safe supply of high quality drinking water. Their operational processes are complex and involve a wide range of flow measurement tasks. These applications demand the highest flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long-term stability and a low cost-of-ownership. Badger Meter water treatment solutions meet the challenge and are part of our end-to-end portfolio of products for the water utility industry.

Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters - TFX
M-Series - M3000 (low-res)-lasso-automation
Turbo Meters





Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters measure flow rate by propagating ultrasound waves into liquid-filled pipes and measuring the reflections. View products… 

Electromagnetic meters deliver the performance your critical flow measurement applications require while improving accuracy, decreasing system maintenance or meeting the demands of challenging liquid conditions. View products…

These positive displacement meters utilize the industry-leading nutating disc technology to drive accuracy and reliability. View products…




Eliminate measurement errors with better isolation. Compact, fast 6 mm isolators with exceptional performance and EMC-immunity for dedicated applications.
Our compact, fast and high-quality 6 mm isolators, converters and temperature transmitters provide you with exceptionally high, safe signal isolation, no matter the type of signal.
They can be stacked both vertically and horizontally with no air gap separation required accommodating up to 50 devices or 100 channels in only 30 cm.


T-BOX — The web generation of advanced telemetry products. Semaphore telemetry systems are designed to leverage easy-to-use Web technologies and inexpensive public networks. They offer up to 50% less total installed cost per point versus traditional SCADA/PLC systems and permit greater organizational access to data through automated reporting and browser software.

MS-RACK-20Rack 20 Slots DIN rail mounting




Low Power RTU LP-3-xx



TBOX MS/LT2 is a controller (PLC-RTU) with Telemetry and SCADA Embedded, Incredible? Not, is just TBOX.

Offering advanced industrial protocol gateways such as IO-Link masters, to ruggedized Ethernet and PoE switches, power supplies, and media converters, Comtrol has a solution for your industrial manufacturing or automation application.

COMTROL offers Portvision DX in all products. This software allows you to configure network settings, upload firmware, manage, and monitor Comtrol Ethernet-attached devices within one application. PortVision DX detects these devices, eliminating the complicated patchwork of separate drivers, web interfaces and proprietary software typically needed to deploy a network of industrial communication devices.

Lead the charge on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at your organization with the IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX. It connects Operations Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT), enabling visibility across the enterprise. The IoT Gateway leverages the 150+ communications drivers within KEPServerEX to seamlessly stream real-time industrial control data directly into Big Data and analytic software applications for Business Intelligence and Operational Excellence.



Hyper Historian™ is a plant process historian designed to log data at greater than 100,000 tags per second and works with multiple data sources across the enterprise including OPC UA Servers, OPC DA Servers, OPC XML DA Servers, BACnet, SNMP devices and many more. ICONICS Hyper Historian also provides full, web-based configuration via its integrated engineering Workbench. Optional redundant configurations are supported using redundant Collectors and redundant Loggers. The secure Hyper Historian supports Store-and-Forward technology and includes the ability to source and merge data from any open database, as well other historians that might currently be installed.


How much hard disk space you need for logging your information?, how much RAM and what type of processor? Hyper Historian is the answer.



GENESIS64™ is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualization software solutions. Across all industries, GENESIS64 bridges data connectivity, aggregation and visualization to provide the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for your HMI/SCADA needs now and in the future. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Application Development Partner, ICONICS is uniquely positioned to remain in line with the most advanced technology available. The HMI/SCADA package seamlessly combines the newest proven technologies while leveraging the years of experience gained from its predecessor, GENESIS32™.


GENESIS64 is the most advanced SCADA software designed in a 64-bit architecture that allows to develop a 3D visualization of your project.


ReportWorX™ is a powerful reporting tool that turns volumes of data into manufacturing intelligence. Connecting to multiple data sources, including real-time OPC data as well as a variety of databases, ReportWorX processes data from the plant floor, corporate databases and everywhere in between.

Based on scalable Microsoft .NET, ReportWorX pushes data into report worksheets and forms leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel.